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 Internet for as low as $10 a Month*

For as little as $10 a month*, after purchasing of a modem/router device, individuals who are low-income or corporations that are 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations in the state of Michigan can get connected to this fast, unlimited 4G wireless internet service provided under the “Get the Net” initiative at Closing The Digital Gap.  Eligibility will be verified!!!  Internet service and devices are currently only being offered to former students and current students of Closing The Digital Gap (CTDG) and partner Non Profit 501c3 organizations.

No credit checks, no installation fees, no hassles.  If you are low-income in Michigan or a 501(c)3 non profit organization in Michigan.  Closing The Digital Gap will help get you enrolled to get the internet and assist you with a router purchase (Limit 1 per house household or 2 per non profit).  CTDG will accept debit card payments for those without bank checking account or major credit card.

An upfront investment of minimum $85.00 is required for a router/modem which the subscriber Clear Hub Expressowns or $125 for USB stick until December 2015.  Two options are available, until December 2015, for devices:  a single user USB stick or a larger Hub Express, which are a single connect modem or Wi-Fi router. The hub, which supports up to eight users, is the best option for an entire home and the USB stick is great for an individual on the go.  Newer Devices will be available in March 2016.

For information regarding coverage maps, please contact Closing The Digital Gap and provide your address, city and zip code and we can double check the coverage map to make sure it is available in your particular neighborhood.

One of the most important aspects of our digital inclusion and digital equity efforts is to create as many opportunities for low income families to get online at home.   We believe Closing The Digital Gap has found an approach that almost everyone of our low-income clients with can afford.  This program is made possible by a various partnerships with other local non-profits.  For more information, please complete the below inquiry form or email Closing The Digital Gap at CTDGinbox@gmail.com or just give us a call at (517) 485-7581 Monday through Thursday 9am to 5pm.


NOTE:  This internet service is in the process of transitioning to a new network carrier. The current program will expire Nov. 6, 2015.   At that time, devices will need to be replaced and we’re still awaiting word back on what they will actually cost. Monthly fees, however, should stay at $10 a month charge.  New devices will be 1/2 the size as the old devices and may not be unlimited in the future.

WiFi Devices


Starting MARCH 2016 orders will be taken for Routers starting at $125 to $130 per mobile router, with internet service at $10/month if paid in advance for 1 year!!!

New Internet Hotspot Device & Wireless “WiFi” HotSpot Service Plans 


Service Plan Time*:        6 months         12 months 
Price:                                    $75              $120 
Avg. price/month                $12.50             $10 
Device**:                            $125            $130 
TOTAL:                              $200           $250 


Novatel MiFi 500

NOVATEL MiFi 500  ($125)


NETGEAR Fuse  ($130)

Also, Coming Soon — Franklin Devices…

Franklin Wireless R850 Hotspot

*Subject to low-income eligibility. Service Plan Times and prices must be paid in advance to receive discount in conjunction with a Device purchase
**Devices provided are limited to NOVATEL MiFi 500 or NETGEAR Fuse depending upon supplies available at time of order.
There is a $10.00 Discount Rebate on all devices for new enrollment in Kroger Rewards Card selecting Closing The Digital Gap (CTDG) as non profit community reward organization, check with CTDG for forms at time of Device purchase.  The Discount rebate will be mailed directly from Closing The Digital Gap once you shop for groceries at least twice at a Kroger using your activated Kroger Rewards card at any Kroger Store in Michigan, within 90 days of service activation of Internet Service.  Average MAXIMUM usage is 50 GB/month maximums, participants will be notified if limits are exceeded via their registered email address provided.

WiFi Sign


MARCH 2016 & April 2016 Open Enrollment Period Continuing Until October 1, 2016

Step 1: What You Will Need 

Valid Photo ID (State of Michigan Driver’s License or State of Michigan ID Card)
Photo of proof of eligibility (i.e. FoodStamp/SNAP Card or Medicaid Card)  [Please See www.CTDG,org/MI-eligibility]
Valid e-mail address
Valid Credit or debit card
Step 2: Complete Paperwork with Proofs and Pay
Choose a device and plan
Provide CTDG proof of eligibility (Originals to be copied)
Complete payment on a 6 month or 12 month plan and Device in advance
All 6 month and 12 month plan renewal(s) requires proof of eligibility to continue, however, no new device purchase is necessary, just prepayment of Service Plan Time (i.e. $75 for 6 months or $120 for 12 months).

 Faith v WiFi
 Home Where Your WiFi Connects automatically

             WiFi Caution   WiFi Caution   WiFi Caution   WiFi Caution   WiFi Caution   WiFi Caution
The Carrier is providing, for a limited time only, designated Non Profit Partners and Low Income Users indirectly via various non profits via CTDG, with an unlimited 4G LTE data-only plan for 6 or 12 months service times, subject to carrier’s network management policy for the unlimited LTE plan it offers its own retail customers.  “Quality of Service” Practices (QoS): Unlimited customers who use more than approximately 30 GB of data during a billing cycle will be deprioritized during times and places where the carrier’s network is constrained. See CARRIER network management for details. Limited time offer. Restrictions and limitation guide available at CTDG offices and included with application and/or sign-up.
Coverage not available everywhere.  See COVERAGE AREA for details and search for 4G LTE data coverage.  Subject to availability.  Eligibility restrictions and other restrictions may apply, low-income eligibility required with verification.  Any false documentation presented to receive said services, devices and/or plans subjects the user to immediate disconnection and/or termination of services without refund.  Any usage that is illegal in nature or abusive is subject to immediate disconnection and/or termination of services without refund. 
All service plans are subject to CTDG Partners and Affiliate’s Terms and Conditions located at http://www.ctdg.org/wifiTerms .  Plans, Service and Devices are only provided to eligible low-income Michigan residents who qualify and enrollment and service approval must be made directly through an authorized non profit partner and/or designated organization or through Closing The Digital Gap (CTDG)!
NOTE:  The plan(s) does not include off-network roaming and it is subject to any standard network management that the Carrier may apply to commercial broadband data-only account users.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Closing The Digital Gap (CTDG) has the complete list of terms, conditions, restrictions, and eligibility, which are subject to change or modification or cancellation at any time by CTDG, it’s partners, and/or the carrier provider or manufacturers of the devices warranty.
             WiFi Caution   WiFi Caution   WiFi Caution   WiFi Caution   WiFi Caution   WiFi Caution
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