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Closing The Digital Gap believes in protection of the environment and encourages individuals and companies to donate computers to CTDG to avoid the electronic waste ending up in the landfills and to allow for re-use through our refurbishing programs.

Closing The Digital will wipe/clean your hard drives and/or crush them if necessary.  However, that still leaves a viable computer systems available for parts and recycling/e-cycling.   We partner with local recycling centers to ensure that if we can not refurbish or reuse the computer systems or accessories, they are disposed of properly and safely.  For a detail E-Waste and E-Cycling guideline policy, please call (517) 485-7581 to speak to one of our E-Specialist in the Recycling/Refurbishing section.

Closing The Digital Gap has been working in E-cycling, Refurbishing and Re-use of computers, computer monitors and other electronic equipment since 2002.  Closing The Digital Gap serves small, mid-size and Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, non-profits organizations, medical facilities, education institutions and concerned citizens with the best solutions for computer electronics recycling/e-cylcling by providing:

  • Data Removal/Wiping/Hard Drive Sanitation, recycling and Certificates of Destruction
  • Solution for end-of-life electronics with the least impact on the environment
  • Smart alternatives to e-waste for computer electronics in our landfills

recycle-computerRecycling and E-Cycling — At Closing The Digital Gap, we believe the most successful form of E-cycling is Reuse!  Achieving maximum reuse is a fundamental objective of our efforts. We have made it our business to develop an extensive knowledge of second use computer technology equipment markets and we combine this with our flexible recovery process. Organizations that benefit from our disposal service do so with the knowledge that their surplus equipment continues to be of use and does not enter the e-waste chain prematurely or unnecessarily, sparing landfills.  A majority of the complete computer systems go back out to low-income residents, customers and other non-profits.  The balance is disassembled for parts to refurbish/repair/fix similar computer systems or parts resale.

Refurbishing & Remarketing — Along with the recycling and reuse of electronic components, Closing The Digital Gap offers a great refurbishing and remarketing program for computer equipment that still has some remaining useful life. This  Refurbishing & Remarketing program offers customers a more efficient and cost-effective method of disposing of unwanted or obsolete computer technology. Closing The Digital Gap will purchase the following types of computer equipment (pending review of condition, makes, models and date codes) for refurbishing and remarketing:



  • Pentium-4 level or higher computer systems and servers (Laptops, Desktops, Netbooks, Tablets, etc.)
  • Printers, Faxes, Scanners, Copiers
  • Flat Screen Monitors
  • Networking equipment including switches, routers and hubs
  • Keyboard, Mouse, & power cords
  • Hard Drives, Memory, Video cards, Sound Cards, etc.


Secure Data Removal — One of the greatest concerns companies, hospitals and recycling centers have when disposing of their old computer equipment is the removal of the confidential, personal and proprietary data contained on them. Disposing of computer storage devices, (hard drives, tapes, cd’s, etc) without ensuring proper data removal presents huge business risks and legal issues. Wiping, Sanitation and/or actual Destruction of drives, tapes, and other magnetic media is by far the safest means of disposal and the only method that guarantees that your data cannot be recovered.

Closing The Digital Gap offers various levels of secure data removal, up to and including Complete & Total Physical Destruction.  Closing The Digital Gap is also excited to offer SOS (Secure On-Site) Mobil Hard Drive destruction services where we deploy a van, equipped with Wiping/Sanitizing equipment and a hard drive crusher which comes directly to your company location within an 8 mile radius of our offices.  Drive Serial Numbers inventory is completed and exported into a spreadsheet to verify each hard drive and once wiping/sanitation and/or destruction is completed and signed off by the company a Certificate of Wiping and/or Destruction is immediately issued.  To get more details and receive our policies and procedures on hard disk wiping and secure data removal, please call our offices at (517) 485-7581 and ask for a listing of data security level chart, with computer hard disk wiping policies and procedures.Recycle Bin Photo